“In recognition of their exemplary performance during combat operations”








All men of the 2d Battalion (Airborne), 503d Infantry Regiment of the 173d Airborne Brigade (Separate), who served in the Republic of Vietnam under the command of Colonel George Dexter, Lt. Colonel Robert Carmichael, Colonel John Walsh and/or Colonel Robert Sigholtz, are eligible to receive their personalized copy of the

Combat Service Citation.


The award, while not an official award of the U.S. Army, was issued by these 2/503d Battalion Commanders on 17 October 2002.  Hundreds of the award have already been sent to 2/503d troopers from that era.


If you have not received your copy of the CSC, please mail or email your full name, address, email address, Company unit and dates of service with the 2/503d to:


Lew “Smitty” Smith

HHC, 2/503d, ‘65/’66

801 Maple Ridge Drive

Merritt Island, FL 32952



Smitty was tasked by the four commanders with seeing as many 2/503d troopers as possible receive their copy of the Combat Service Citation.  There is no cost involved to request and receive your award.