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Don Dali GREAT PAGE!!!
Don Burch Thanks for taking the time to establish and maintain this site. This has been a great idea.
Don Palmer
Superb, professional, and captivating site, Jim. Highest airborne quality!
Gary "Buzz" Cox Thanks for making a place where we can ALL come
Mike Waldron
It is so nice that we now have a site, that we can connect with each other
Ed Privette Great web page...Thanks!
Carey McQuillan Great Page, I will re-visit often.
Bob Flemming Extremely well done pages.
John Stewardson Thanks for the page. I know how much work it is to develop a page.
Gerald (Jerry) Hassler Looks great.
Paul Donahue PDONAHUEG@AOL.COM Good Luck Airborne All the Way!!!
Jim Nantkes
Jim you are off to a good start, job well done, AIRBORNE!!!!!!!!!
Richard Van Hook Great web page. I really like the Myths.
Jay Luckritz Great site
Jim Cole Thank you for this web site
Paul Hicks
Thanks to everyone who worked to put this page together. That shows the pride of the HERD.
Gerald Ney Very nicely done site!
Lew Smith Jim: Congratulations! What a wonderful site you've created, particularly the photo section. Keep up the great work!!!
Gilbert Raynoso Like to say I enjoyed those Picture.
Ronald Blanton Great forum to "chute" the s_ _ _!
Dean Pedersen
Thanks for starting this Webb sight. I think it is Great!! Deep up the good work.
Richard Knoll Great site.
Gary Dailey Outstanding!!!
Mark Carter Thanks for the website.
John Edwards
I hope your web site will bring members of the Herd together with their old buddies long since lost.
Ray Chapman Thought your site to be good and informative keep the good work up
Charles Vickers
Your web site looks good. Keep up the good work.
Art Garrett
Good site.. thanks for giving us a place to come to..
Terry Aubrey Great site.
Gasper "Doc" Otero
Jim. You have created and awesome site, keep up the good work.
William McCollum WM173RD@AOL.COM GREAT SITE.
John McPherson GOOD!!! site.
Jim Coats
Your website will be an interesting visit, particularly if enough of us forward you some photos for the others to see. Congratulations on taking on a big project for the enjoyment of others.
Chuck Utzman
Great site! Thanks for helping to preserve and continue our history.
William Drew
What a great site! Thanks to Dinardo for turning me on to it.
Gary Weese Great Site. Airborne!
Jim Smith Great website Airborne all the way
Ross Redding This new site, is outta sight
Ralph Whitman Looks good to me
Ken Gann
Well done. will pass this Site onto other Australian Vietnam vets.
Bill Gile Always nice finding a well layed out site. Thanks!
Richard Bruce A welcome edition to the other two existing, can never have too many when there are so few of the HERD left anymore.
Craig Ford Another great 173 Abn site. Loads of info to go through. Keep the good work up.
Don Sayut Great site, really enjoyed my first visit and plan to return often
Bill LeFevre Great site guys! Typical abn Performance
John Yeager Very nice page.
John Lerhinan
Great web site...Wonderful that someone has taken the time to do it right.
K. Tester As the wife of a Vietnam Vet who served with the 173rd Airborne, I would like to say, "Thank You for your website and Thank You for your service to our country." Great.....All The Way......................end transmission
Tim Stout Great website. I can see why it is fast becoming the most interesting and fun website to visit.
Dr.Stephen E. Grimes
Outstanding, . . . really great stuff (therapy) keep up the GREAT WORK!
Charlie J. Bowser Another Grunt answering roll call, great site put a lump in my throat viewing it
STEPHEN GRIMES Thanks to your web-site I'm now communicating with my old squad, thanks again Jim! Airborne
Kim Rowland Every Vietnam Veteran has the same two regrets. The first regret is for those of his buddies who didn't make it home ... the ones who died for him.  The second regret is that we can't find the friends we had then,..the comrades who shared that most important part of our lives. The Internet has helped me solve the second problem, and you have helped me personally to find some of those friends. I can't thank you enough for that!!! Please keep up the good work!!!
Kim Rowland

I have thanked you before for your website......but now I really owe you a debt of thanks. In the last month, I have finally found the guy's I have been looking for for over 30 years! Please keep up the good work......we need to get every Sky Soldier we can to link up, and find that part of our past that means so much to us! And find those friends we had so long ago....those friends with which we shared times like we have never had since! Love ya' Jim, all sky soldiers owe you a debt in kind!

Ronald Modesett I think you have done an excellent job, Information is easy to find, and the layout is great.
Ben Morris
Your website is truly outstanding.  Thank you.

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