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Working with Kazoos.com, the only plastic kazoo manufacturer in the United States and a panel of combat veteran paratroopers, designed the Kombat Kazoo, a unique communication device.  It is designed especially for today’s Combat Paratroopers in Iraq. Or, If you can’t image that, …then you can from a Kazoo Band and drive the command crazy, …Enjoy!!  

Please Email Rick Hubbard and thank him for designing and donating 350 Kazoos to the troops in Iraq. Or order some for yourself



     American Paratroopers have always been on the cutting edge of technology. In World War II, they used a small metal device called a “clicker”. Its unique sound allowed paratrooper to communicate with each other in the dark of the night. It saved many a paratrooper’s life that night so long ago. In the spirit of trying new things, let me introduce a new concept in combat communications.

     Imagine, late one night, …the enemy is going about his business preparing to bring harm upon the innocent people of Iraq. When out of the dark is heard a strange sound. First one short sound, …then another, yet even closer this time. Puzzled, they stroke their beards and look at each other. What was that noise, …a camel in distress?  Then without warning their door explodes open and there in the dark of the night is a squad of fully equipped Kazoo Commandos coming to bring them to justice.


Phyllis and Stephen Grafton of the

E.D. Supply Company

located in Maryland and Delaware are sending

2,304 "AA" Batteries to the troops.

A special Hello to their son, SPC Stephen Grafton stationed in Iraq with Able company, 2/503rd, 173d Airborne Bde.

send thanks to; pgrafton@edsupply.com

Troops using bikes from Seattle Bike Supply

Chuck Hooper of Seattle Bike Supply
7620 So. 192, Kent,Wa.98032

Not only is he donating 6 Bikes plus helmets, spare parts, etc,.

He is paying for the Shipping overseas plus all the import taxes. Way to go Chuck, Unbelievable for a Navy guy!

I take back everything I ever said about the Navy.

Thanks for going All The Way!
 Visit his business at; www.redlinebicycles.com
E-mail him at chhooper@redlinebicycles.com

Items Shipped Late August 2003

American Quality Products

everywhere active people get thirsty.

for water bottles for the Troops

They offered 100 bottles to start!

and with Chapter 7 (Florida) and Seattle Bike Supply we got 300 bottles shipped.


These plastic Bottles have a large top, that makes the bottle, water (Sand) tight, so you could protect your eyeglasses, papers, etc. Imprinted with "Kirkuk, Iraq" below the 173d Patch!

Bottle is 8 3/4" x 2 3/4" with a 2 3/8" opening at top

Send Thanks to, Terry at;


Actually bottle sent to troops

Special Thanks for...

Tool kit and bike stand sent to troops


"Terry Brown" Terry@CaliforniaSprings.com


The leader in eye protection has donated 150 pair of  sunglasses, Thanks to Vincent J. Healey of UVEX

for making it happen

E-Mail him at vhealey@bacou-dalloz.com

this exact model


Dr. Steve Smith

VA Primary Care Physician

Donated much needed Cash

to cover shipping of various items


Way to go, Doc !!


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