One of the biggest complaints I hear is about lost awards or orders. Maybe this story will help. When the HERD returned from Nam, much of the paper work was packed and shipped back to the states by boat. Unfortunately the "Boat" was sunk in Qui Nhon harbor in late 1971. The records were recovered and sent on latter to Fort Campbell, Kentucky.  However by the time these got to Campbell the HERD was deactivated. Most Sky Soldiers, where given early outs or PCS'ed to other Airborne units and these records were "LOST". I was one of those soldiers. It took 10 years to reconstruct some of my records, etc. Luckily, I had one set of orders awarding me a CIB. So if we all check our files and if we have orders on ourselves that list other persons receiving award. This would be a good place to post these names. Maybe someone else may might have a lost award on your orders. Please send a list like below to the below link.

Bronze Star Orders

Arcom Orders


Award of the CIB dated SO #258, 15 Sep 1970

(SSAN available but not posted)

Beck, Fred W. D-1/503

Sellers, James M. E/17 Cav

Magee, Clyde E/17 Cav

Laidlaw, John D. E/17 Cav

Henry, Ted E/17 Cav

Vacaro, Jerry  E/17Cav

Hernandaz, Juan F. E/17 Cav

Chisholm, Larry E/17 Cav

Bradley, James R. E/17Cav

Statham, Gregory A. E/17 Cav

Groves, Raymond H. E/17 Cav

Rocha, James M. E/17 Cav

Reese Anthony W. E/17 Cav.

Zalesaki, Clayton W. E/17 Cav.

Sahmie, Randall R. E/17 Cav.

Johnson, Madison M. E/17 Cav.

Hartshorn, Steven  E/17 Cav

Shubert, Daniel A. E/17 Cav

Kavjch, Robert D.  E/17 Cav

Galbreath Arthor E/17 Cav

Simmons, David E/17 Cav

General Orders # 622

"Award of The Purple Heart" on 03 May 1970

"Attack on LZ Betty-Phan Thiet"


SSN #'s are available but not posted


Roger Nichols T. SGT HHQ 1/50th

Randy L. Buchanan SP/5 HHQ 1/50th

Larry D. Joiner SP/5 HHQ 1/50th

Vincent J. Murphy SP/5 HHQ 1/50th

Ray E. Lack SP/4 HHQ 1/50th

Roy l. Wine PFC HHQ 1/50th

Gus A. Allbritton PFC HHQ 1/50th


"Gus Allbritton" <gus1@accucomm.net>

Award of the CIB SO#183 19 July 1965 (Extract)

Trp E 17th Cav


SSN #'s are available but not posted


Chiaffino, Jose O

Diaz Vargas, Walter

Dopita, Alois

Duke, Samuel E

Duncan, Ronnie M

Ellis, David L

Entrichel, Martin

Forester, Sidney T

Gourley, Douglas B

Hamrick, Michael

Hannah, David L

Hall, Eddie E

Husk, Clifford W

Jamison, Lowell E

Jennings, William H

Jordon, Edward R

Kingman, Clyde A

Lacy, Patrick L

Lee, Manley F

Lewis, Neville W

Lewis, William H

Mangett, Lawrence J

McCauley, Wilburn

Mulkey, Robert D

O’Neill, Sanford W

Parish, Joel L II

Perez, Pablo M

Peterson, Gerald O

Phillips, Harold

Ray, Arthur G

Reager, William W

Rice, Johnie E Jr

Rose, Ronald L

Sampley, Theodore L

Selsmeyer, Gary J

Shrope, David F

Shull, David I

Snow, Donald A

Spann, John E

Stage, Gary J

Tharp, James B

Thomas, Ronald E

Wisniewski, Harry J

Worth, James A


Pvt E2

Bobo, Gerald F

Boyd, Raymond E

Buchanan, William R

Carlson, Ronald A

Champ, Carl E

Coffey, Ronald B

Fisher, James A

Fraley, Russell

Hall, Charles G

Hall, Sidney Jr

Harvey, Robert A

Hilmer, John H

Inge, Clinton O

Luffy, William F

Metcalf, Howard R

Moore, Ronnie H

Morey, James F

Muhlenbruch, David E

Murrille, George E

Myers, Joe W Jr

Oglesby, Theodore B

Ritchie, Kenneth L

Ruiz, Reginald F

Tricoche, Raul

Turrentine, Leroy

Walsh, George A

Welch, Jamie L

Welch, De Wayne

Williams, Jimmie C

Williams, Willie L


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