If you receive any SPAM (Junk E-mail) and it has the return address of or if the sender says he got it from a list, or you OPT-IN to get the Junk Email...this is a lie. has never used, sold, lent any type of list nor has/had an OPT-IN anything. Recently I learned that a major SPAM company has been using mine and other domain names as the source of its Junk Mail. Below is a letter I wrote the company. Please direct all of your complaints to them

Example complaint; Mr. Bradley,
I have been getting more and more spam recently.  I recently, through court order, obtained the "third party" that has been distributing my business email address.  Several of the spammers indicate that they obtained their lists from Nurel Direct who said I opted in at on 5/28/02.  

RE:  Nurel Direct
Dear Mr. Englemeyer,
It has come to my attention that your company have been sending spam
and/or selling email lists which you allege has originated from website.  Furthermore, you contend that the people
on this list "Opted in" for this mailing on my website.  I request 
that you immediately cease and desist the use of my name or my domain
I respectfully request an immediate written apology and the retraction
of any statements that implicate or indicates that the has acted in concert with your company.  
I request and expect a letter of apology from you and on your company
letter head, no later than today. 
I contend that we are NOT affiliated in any way shape or form with 
you or Norel Direct.  Nor have we ever granted you permission nor 
have I provided you with any user information or mailing list. 
Should you contend, that I or my domain has participated in this
activity or that I granted you any permission's whatsoever, then I 
demand you provide me with a copy of that signed agreement.  
First of all let me point out the fact that the 
has NO opt-in LIST on it's web site nor did such a list ever exist. 
We have never collected, loaned, sold or passed on any such mail 
list nor do we permit anyone to collect or sell our users information.
If you have obtained any information from my domain you have done so 
without my express consent or permission.  
Let me make it perfectly clear.  In order to protect myself I have 
contacted my attorney to discuss my options and the possibility of 
litigation.  We plan to move forward with legal action against you 
personally, your company and your hosting provider unless you 
immediately cease and desist this activity.  And write me a letter 
of apology that I can use to answer the complaints I am receiving.
James R Bradley
CEO / Webmaster



As agreed, I am sending this letter to you to confirm the following:

 - Nurel, Inc. is in the businesses of sending opt-in emails to users who have opted in – or did not opt-out of or through opt-out permission passes which were sent.

-  Nurel has never contracted the administrator or anyone else associated with to purchase email addresses from you.

-  Nurel has never sent a message to it’s users representing that the message was coming from

-  Nurel has never purchased names from

-  Nurel was in contact with during the spring and summer of 2002 to gage the potential of working together on a marketing plan, but that plan never transpired and no contact between the two companies was made since July of 2002.

Should you receive any queries about Nurel’s use of’s name in any of its emails, please forward that query to me.  I can safely say, beyond any doubt that there will never be any email ad presented to you or me that links Nurel to as we never hide the source of our emails, and all emails are compliant in the sense that you can unsubscribe through several means within each advertisement.

I understand that in dealing with names gathered from an opt-out checkbox or permission pass, there is some room for mistakes and errors that are facilitated by people who do not wish to divulge their true information.  It is for this reason that we make it easy for our subscribers to unsubscribe from our list.  As well, we make it a policy to not send more than 4 emails per month to any one individual address – thus lessening the abuse of the address by us.  We handle all complaints personally and all queries with full disclosure.  It may take us a week to get back to a user who wishes to get further information on their subscription, but we always do get back to them

Spam, in the traditional sense hurts us all. But please understand that while there may exist a fine line between a spammer and an e-marketer – the differences are clear.  We never hide where we send from, we never hide our unsubscribe info.  We never deal in Racy, Raunchy or sexually explicit offers – we never fill up our users boxes with impractical offers, and we do not hide from our users when they question our practices.

I thank you for your time and patience in this matter.

Jay J. Engelmayer