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Books About Vietnam

Three Books by - Pictorial Histories of the 173rd Airborne Bde with Bio's of Sky Soldiers

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1st Edition Sky Soldier

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2nd Edition Sky Soldier

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3rd Edition Sky Soldier

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Sky Soldier by F. Clifford Berry

A pictorial history book

Good, Better, Best by James Bradley

Author James Bradley has crafted a wonderful fictional autobiography. The main character Jim Rooney is both believable and alive with emotion and feelings. In his wonderful coming of age tale of a young man becoming a warrior, “Good, Better, Best – From the Streets of Brooklyn to the Jungles of Vietnam”, Bradley chronicles and fashions a story of rare sensitivity and action. It captures well that time and place in history. The Vietnam War comes alive though the telling of his story. The action is equal in strength to the author’s creative treatment of the relationships between the characters in the novel. This is a story not just about war but about the men who were in war. The sensitive insights that flow almost casually in the background of the plot line are a product of intelligent wording and phrasing by the author. He takes the reader on a adventurous journey and continues to hold your attention from the beginning to the last words on the last page.

I Served by Don C. Hall

The young paratrooper volunteers for duty in the Republic of Vietnam and is initially assigned to the 173d Airborne Brigade. Then, he hears a call for volunteers and joins a new long range patrol unit being formed, with the motto "I Serve," and the charter of taking the war to the enemy.

The Hill by L.B. Scott

A paperback fiction about hill 875

The Last Run by L.B. Scott

A paperback

The Expendables by L.B. Scott

A paperback

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Platoon Leader by James McDonough

A remarkable memoir of small unit leadership and the coming of age of a young soldier in combat in Vietnam. Truly a classic of military history. Col. James McDonough graduated from West Point and served in Vietnam as an infantry platoon leader in the legendary 173d Airborne Brigade

The making of a soldier by Herbert

account of infantry combat in the Korean War by the war's most decorated soldier. Soon after the war Herbert wrote "Conquest to Nowhere" this book is a more detailed account of his 13 months in Korea. Prior to the war Herbert served as a paratrooper and cold weather survival expert

Raptor's Prey by G.K. Stesiak

A young line 4th BN combat medic


Dak To by Edward F. Murphy

173rd Airborne, June-November 1967

The most complete, in depth, and compelling accounts of combat in South Vietnam from exhaustive interviews with over eighty survivors. Non-Fiction

Sky Soldier by Lawrence D. Okendo

Battles of Dak To - Vietnam

June 22 - December 1967, the longest and costliest battle in human lives during the Vietnam War, Non-Fiction

Why A Soldier by David Fitz-Enz

A Signal Corps tour from Vietnam to Moscow

Men Made for War by J. R. Gathings

Blood On The Risers by Leppleman


From Dak to to the Tet Offensive. A some fictional account of the war

Men for War by J. R. Gathings

Stealth Patrol by B. Shanahan

74th Inf Det - N/75 Rangers

The author manages to weave this Vietnam Ranger's experiences into a suspenseful and entertaining story that even includes humorous episodes. Through Shanahan's eyes you are able to see the wide range of emotions of a Ranger and gain more understanding of Vietnam soldiers.


Land With No Sun: A Year in Vietnam With the 173rd Airborne (Stackpole Military History Series)

Kontum Diary

Captured writings bring peace to a Vet


Twenty years after he fought, he unearths a box he shipped him from Vietnam. He held a North Vietnamese soldier's backpack that contained his diary. He returns to Vietnam to return the diary

Vietnam; A Memoir by David Holland

In Airborne Trooper, the author is a semi-trained infantry platoon leader trying to quickly climb a steep learning curve in one of the Vietnam War’s legendary units, the 173rd Airborne Brigade. The central ingredient of the book is not so much actual fighting as the hard, almost animal-like existence of the U.S. infantryman—the grunt, the line doggie, and the boonie rat—during Vietnam. The fighting itself ranges from brief, sometimes one-sided, engagements to one of the most costly efforts of the war, the Battle of Dak To in November 1967.


Available now

Book Cover: FNG

Frenchy's Whore

Although the title suggests a story of sex, nothing could be further from the truth. FRENCHY'S WHORE is a true story written in the third person about teenage paratroopers and how they existed day to day in a strange and violent land. I have been told I have talent in my writings, that even readers who were not there feel as if they had traveled back in time to a place where young men died, loved , dreamed and cried.

Earning the CIB


FNG of C-1/503rd

defining novel of the Vietnam war experience, encompassing the wide range of circumstances, emotions and experiences that a combat medic and Airborne trooper could encounter; courage, fear, hatred, love, rage, guilt, and finally leaving the reader to recognize war as it really is and its consequences on the human soul.



Heart of the Hawk

Tom Red Hawk, a young Apache from Arizona, returns from Vietnam, his odyssey and quest for adventure takes him back to the jungles of Vietnam, the streets of Belfast and them the NY underworld. He finally ends up back with his native people. A triology of three books in one


Books by 173d Chaplains

Book Cover: The Leapin' Deacon: The Soldier's Chaplain by Conrad N. Walker & J. Walker Winslow

If I Make My Bed in Hell

Beyond Combat

Leapin' Decon

I make my bed in hell

Books about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Chuck Deane (173d Vet)





Books on Recovering from War by John Steer (173d Vet)

Vietnam, Cure or Blessing

Wounded - A reason to live

Shattered physically & psychologically in Vietnam, the author traces his discovery of Jesus Christ as Savior through the bloodiest battles of the war

Faces I Tried To Forget

 John tried to forget those thousands of faces that haunted him night and day, but God wouldn't let him. John now shares from his heart the plight and agony of those who fought and that of their families.



Dennis Hendrix tells his comical to gruesome experiences as a teenage Army grunt, growing up hard and fast in the jungles of Vietnam. It’s a true story about naivety, patriotism and heroism morphing into a mix of cynicism and hope.






Australian Books about the the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment

and the 173rd Airborne Brigade



Books on Poetry




Other books by Sky Soldiers

SAIGON COP - Vietnam, a Memior

Military Police duty in Saigon in 1966–67 was a surreal combination of Army nitpicking on a stateside scale, protecting U.S. facilities against Viet Cong terrorism, and policing the large U.S. presence in the city. MPs lived, worked, and occasionally played in the middle of an Oriental metropolis of strange sights, sounds, and smells. Lengthy stretches of tedious, humdrum activity were interrupted by sudden bursts of danger and fear.

Final Invasion - by David Fitz-Enz

Ironsides - by David Fitz-Enz


Mekong Mud Soldier


by David Holland


Available December 2005



Mekong Mud Soldier

PVT ROONEY by James Bradley

Coming June 2006


Books about the 173d in Iraq







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