173rd Video

    Some years ago I was invited to attend a preview of a new movie. This movie was made by an  Vietnam vet ex-combat photographer that now was a Hollywood director. The movie centers around a military combat photographer (MOS - 84 Charlie Mopic = Motion Picture) and his lieutenant reporter that is assigned to accompany a 173rd Airborne Brigades LRRP team on patrol. The Video is shot from the view of the combat photographer. I found it to be one of the most realistic movies about Vietnam ever.  

    The nightmarish world of the Vietnam war is recreated in this 'documentary within a drama' about a 173rd Airborne Brigade's  six-man reconnaissance team lost in the Central Highlands of Vietman and the documentary motion picture (mopic) cameraman who is assigned to film the elite unit in action. 

Richard Brooks, Chris Burgard, Nicholas Cascone, Jonathan Emerson, Jason Tomlins, Byron Thames, Glen Morshower.

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I caution any veteran with PTSD, this video can cause some serious flashbacks.

(NTSC is the American format used for playing videos whereas in Europe videos use the PAL system. Before you buy a NTSC format video make sure your video player (or television set) actually supports it. The good thing about NTSC videos is that they come straight from the good old US of A and this means that movies that have just become rental here are now available to buy!)

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